Wall tie replacement, repointing and crack stitching services on the South Coast

Over time, even the most secure of structures can begin to age and weaken. Your brick walls may begin cracking and crumbling for example, eventually exposing it to the elements. If left untreated, these small inconveniences can lead to much bigger, and more costly, problems. At 1st Call Heritage Ltd, our team of experts are trained in specialist masonry techniques to combat weakened brick walls and restore stability to your structures. Find out more about our specialised services below.

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Wall tie replacements across West Sussex and Hampshire

Wall tie failure is a common issue among houses built before the 1980s. It concerns cavity wall ties, which are metal strips built into cavity walls to hold the masonry together. Over time, rough weather conditions and general wear and tear can cause the wall ties to corrode and break down – especially if they are ungalvanised, or inadequately protected. As they corrode, these wall ties can force joints apart, causing horizontal cracking, bulging and structural weaknesses in the brickwork of your property.

At 1st Call Heritage Ltd, we have extensive experience carrying out wall tie replacements to restore the structural integrity of your building and prevent further damage. Our highly-trained professionals are qualified to identify the issue, remove the problematic wall ties and replace them quickly and efficiently. It is a skilled job, and one that requires specialised experience – and fortunately, we have that in abundance. We use only the best-quality materials and tried-and-tested methods in our wall tie replacement services, making for a reliable, quick and effective service.


Over time, brick mortar must endure considerable strain. Over endless seasonal patterns of strong winds, rainfalls and freezing periods followed by dryness and hot summers, the mortar eventually begins to weaken and age. This causes cracks, cavities and open joints, which exposes the wall to the weather elements and risks the whole wall collapsing.

Repointing is the process of removing the old, crumbling mortar within such damaged walls and renewing the outer portion of the mortar joint. It is a painstaking and specialised task, and one that is labour-intensive, which means that many contractors are not willing to take it on. Amateur attempts to repoint brickwork on a DIY basis, meanwhile, often result in far greater problems further along the line.

However, at 1st Call Heritage Ltd we are always up for the challenge. Our friendly and highly professional team are happy to take on repointing jobs throughout West Sussex and Hampshire, taking exceptional care to match the colour of the original mortar and to ensure that the job is carried out to a flawless standard. You can count on us to execute every repointing job with our characteristic attention to detail, down-to-earth attitude and friendly demeanour.

1st Call Heritage Ltd offer highly specialised restoration and preservation services at competitive prices. Offering services in across West Sussex and Hampshire, call us today to book a survey on 01243 379295.

Crack stitching

Crack stitching is a tried-and-tested method of reinforcing vertically-cracked walls. Quick, simple and permanent, it consists of “stitching together” cracks in a brick wall with a metal rod, stabilising the structure and supporting the masonry. The metal rods are reinforced for strength, and hidden away in the structure once the job is finished – meaning that your wall can retain its unique character.

What are the benefits of crack stitching?

  • The rods evenly distribute tensile force over the area, stabilising the wall
  • Cracks are repaired without any damage to the structure
  • Quick and efficient – no time-consuming reconstruction work!
  • Permanent solution
  • Undisruptive

If you would like to find out more about how our crack stitching services can improve the stability of your structure, contact us today!

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