Has your Southampton property been infiltrated by woodworm? These pesky critters are drawn to damp conditions, so if woodworm is present, this could be an indication of a wider damp issue. Fortunately, you’ve landed on the right page as you’ve discovered the south coast’s best remedial specialists – 1st Call Heritage Ltd. We provide the best woodworm treatment in Southampton.

Our team possess a wealth of experience and expertise encompassing a multitude of services, from woodworm treatments to tackling rising damp and dry and wet rot. Not only will we eradicate any trace of woodworm in your property, but we’ll put right any damage and even remedy the root cause of the problem. 

Let our highly trained and fully certified Southampton team handle the problem to provide you with complete peace of mind. Thanks to our competitive prices, ridding your property of woodworm won’t cost you the earth. To get started, phone 1st Call Heritage now on 01243 379295. 

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What is Woodworm?

Often, the first question we’re asked by customers when we inform them that their property has woodworm is, “What is woodworm?”.  

Despite the name, woodworm doesn’t describe a species of worm. It is, in fact, the wood-eating larva of one of several species of beetle. This includes ambrosia beetles, woodboring weevils, and Common Furniture beetles. The infestation of woodworm, Southampton customers, occurs when damp conditions are present, as the beetles are drawn to dark and dank environments. In the wild, they would consume decaying wood and are drawn to any wood with high moisture content. 

The adult beetle is not what causes the damage, however. The female will lay eggs that hatch into larva that then burrow down into the wood. The larvae then feed on wood, breaking it down and causing both cosmetic and structural damage. Once they pupate and hatch, they then breed, lay eggs, and the cycle continues. 

While damp is often a significant factor in the presence of woodworm, some species can also be an indicator of fungal rot. Our highly trained Southampton woodworm specialists can confidently track down the problem, identify the species, and carry out the appropriate treatments. They’ll also remedy whatever has caused the infestation in the first place. 

What Are the Types of Woodworm?

As indicated above, woodworm relates to a variety of beetle species rather than a single species of worm. The type of beetle present is important as different beetle species appear under different circumstances. For instance, if woodboring weevils are present, you have an even more serious situation on your hands, as this indicates the presence of fungal rot. 

Only a trained inspector, like a member of our Southampton woodworm treatment team, will be able to identify the type of woodworm that you’re dealing with. The possible species can include: 

  • Ambrosia Beetles 
  • Woodboring Weevils 
  • Bark Borer Beetles 
  • Common Furniture Beetles 
  • Deathwatch Beetles 

These are just a few of the possible species that we may discover when we come to perform an inspection in your home or business. Once we’ve positively identified the presence of woodworm and the species, we’ll suggest the most appropriate treatment for dealing with it. 

How to Spot Woodworm Infestation

Woodworm infestations can be very easy to spot, so long as the affected area is not hidden away somewhere out of sight. The first and most obvious sign is the presence of holes in the wood. You’ll sometimes see dozens of tiny burrows where the larvae have tunnelled down into the wood. Live infestations will show the presence of powder (faeces), known as frass, around the holes.  

In the summer months, you may also find adult beetles, dead or alive, on the surface of the wood. These are beetles that have pupated and hatched and are now ready to breed.  

Please note that even if you find holes but no evidence of frass, this likely only means that the infestation is inactive. The larvae can hibernate in the wood for around 20 years or more and then re-emerge as beetles when you least expect. As such, any infestation must be investigated and a treatment carried out if necessary. 

Plus, any damp conditions must be rooted out and remedied to prevent any further damage from occurring, Southampton customers. 

1st Call Heritage’s Woodworm Treatment Solutions

If you suspect woodworm, then make sure to give our Southampton team a call. We’ll arrange for one of our damp specialists to visit your property to carry out a full inspection. If woodworm is discovered, they’ll then discuss treatment options with you to eradicate the infestation and prevent its return. 

In most cases, a powerful insecticide will be used that penetrates down into the wood, killing any larvae present. The benefit of using this form of treatment, Southampton customers, is that the effect persists, preventing any further reinfestations.  

Another option is electrical insect killers that attract and kill adult beetles before they can breed. This can sometimes be used in tandem with insecticide treatments though this is less often recommended.  

The final treatment option is freezing, though this option is rarely used as it’s costly, takes time to work, and cause damage to the structure. 

Rest assured that our Southampton damp specialists will recommend the right treatment for your situation. We’ll also track down the source of damp that attracted the woodworm and see that it’s put right, saving you a headache later on. 

Why Choose 1st Call Heritage Woodworm Treatment Experts?

Founded in 1995, for the last 27 years, 1st Call Heritage has been the go-to damp specialists in Southampton for hundreds of property owners. That fact certainly hasn’t changed as of today as we continue to go from strength to strength as a business. Our client base continues to grow at a steady rate year on year as more and more property owners entrust us with their remedial solutions. 

From tackling woodworm to ridding properties of damp and rot, we work tirelessly to provide our customers with the right treatments at the best possible prices. We’ve amassed an exceptional reputation for our woodworm treatments, basement conversions, cavity wall tie replacement services, and more. Our friendly, can-do attitude and honest approach are what draw so many people to our business. 

We always put customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. So, whether we’re ridding your property of woodworm or fixing up your cavity walls, you can count on us to always put you and your property first. 

For bespoke building preservation services that are honestly priced and carried out by trained experts, look no further than 1st Call Heritage. To find out more, get in touch using the contact details below. 

Additional Services We Offer

Besides woodworm treatments, we also provide customers in Southampton with a range of other remedial services, including: 

So, whatever assistance you require with your home or business, we’ve got you covered. And if you’d like to learn more about our woodworm treatments, just give us a call today. 

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