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Then you require an immediate solution, and that’s where 1st Call Heritage can help. We’re a trusted team of building restoration specialists operating right across the south coast. We’ve been operating since 1995 and have amassed a stellar reputation over the last 25 years. For impeccable, affordably priced results backed by a 20-25-year guarantee, call our team today on FREEPHONE 0800 521 941 to request a FREE, no-obligation quotation. 

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Introducing Our Highly Effective Wet Rot Eradication and Preventione Services 

If you suspect that your property might have been infested with wet rot, the sooner you act, the better. Wet rot is a form of timber decay that occurs where high levels of moisture content are present. This typically indicates an underlying problem, such as a failed damp proof course, a leaking pipe, a structural issue, or something else entirely. Wet rot causes distortions, cracking, softness, and porosity within the wood, greatly weakening it. 

Many properties contain wooden structures, so it’s important to have these inspected regularly for signs of wet rot. Regular inspections and treatments help protect the wood from decay, maintaining the longevity of the timber and sparing you from dealing with any serious structural issues. Regular maintenance also helps prevent the value of your property from falling. 

Here at 1st Call Heritage, we can help as we are experts at providing treatments that keep your property’s timbers safe, clean, and free of wet rot. 

How Can We Help? 

If you suspect you might have an issue with damp, contact our team now. We’ll arrange a time to visit your property to carry out a detailed inspection. Our experts can quickly identify the source and the cause of the problem. They’ll then quote you for the work that’s needed. If you say yes, they’ll take appropriate action to repair any damage caused while putting in place measures to prevent further wet rot infestations. 

All our treatments are highly effective and are backed by a 20-25-year guarantee, assuring you of complete peace of mind. 

Dry and wet rot don’t just eat into the timber; they also eat into the value of your property. Don’t let an infestation bring down your house price! Call 1st Call Heritage Ltd today on 023 9266 9444

Why Should You Call 1st Call Heritage for Wet Rot Treatments? 

Here at 1st Call Heritage, we possess more than 25 years of experience tackling all manner of remedial requests. We excel at taking care of properties, ensuring they remain well-protected from dry and wet rot. We devise solutions that protect the timber structures within any property and all for a very affordable price. You’ll always receive expert advice from us at a price that won’t break the bank, on top of solutions guaranteed to last. 

In summary, you should call us because of the following: 

  • 25+ Years of Experience 
  • Friendly, Qualified Experts 
  • Highly Competitive Prices 
  • Flexible Service Backed by a Long-Term Guarantee 
  • Expert Wet Rot Repairs 
  • Unbeatable Reputation 

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